Mohuya Mascharak

August 25, 2017

Hi Touriana,
We had an excellent time at the Sunderbans. A big thank you to you and the entire Touriana team for making our trip memorable. Right from the beginning of the journey at Deshopriya Park to the very end , everything was perfectly arranged. The driver was amicable and skilled. The guide by the name of Mr Parimal was a great gentleman to be with. The boat ride throughout was the best part. The stay at your resort was again one of the high points of the trip. The food was delicious. The rooms were excellent. The service at the resort was superb. All in all we had a great time. Though we could not sight any major animals except a Water monitor, a few birds and a few deer , but i guess that was because of our bad luck and probably a wrong time our trip. Please do suggest tourists to plan during November-january , that is what the feedback we got from local people. That is the best time to sight animals. But if you want to enjoy the beauty of the Sunderbans than any time is superb.

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